More than a Massage



After a stressful day from work or school, there is nothing better than being relaxed and getting a great massage.  I always want to get a massage to soothe down my nerves and muscles, but it’s hard to make the time and go to a spa.  Not only time, but also money is another concern.  The prices are never cheap and there are always extra fees, tip.  Of course receiving a massage in person is the best way, but because of other concerns, massage chairs were invented for us to use at homes in our daily lives.

The massage chairs are great, except they make those weird machine noises. I find it distracting when I want to completely relax and rely my body on the chair. Therefore, I would like to invent something that is more than just-a-massage chair.  What if headphones are connected to the system for us to use? The massage chair system will have sounds such as waves, wind blowing, birds tweeting, crickets chipping, stream murmuring, classical music, etc.  By receiving a massage with eyes closed, and gentle sound of nature will certainly relax the nerves and make you feel like you’re in nature.  On top of sound, the chair will also have some selections of scent that will gently spray as you select.  Not only the sound and scent, but also the mood or atmosphere can be created.  Behind the massage chairs, there will be a computer, which will let you type in and select a place you want to be or feel.  The electric cords running inside the chair will run behind your back.  The massage chair will send electronic signal, which is very similar to our neuron signal that runs through our spine, to the contacting surface of your skin with the massage chair.  Since human skin can be a good conductor for electricity, it will transmit the signal to your brain through the spine. Your brain will think that the signals are sent from the body; simply means that your brain will think you took an action to send the signal to the brain.  Basically, invert the process of our body function; the brain realizes it after you feel or touch. With this machine, the brain will acknowledge the atmosphere first, then, will make you sense it.

As we always have heard in life, mind controlling can change many aspects of our lives.  In example, hypnosis is a great way for mind controlling and experiencing your imagination, etc.  Fake your brain to relax, tighten up, and even to heal yourself with the senses.


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