Massaging Cast Device







Out of the five senses, touch is one of the more important senses as it deals with our whole body. The other four senses deals more towards specific parts on the body, but our sense of touch can be felt everywhere on our bodies. There are tiny nerve endings located in our dermis that alert us of what our body comes into close contact with. This in turn sends out signals to our bodies letting us know whether something for example is too hot or too cold, too painful or too comfortable.

I’ve created this massaging cast device that can provide comfort on areas of the body that need a bit of relief from pain or soreness. This is a device that is used more for patients that have injured their bodies in some way. Similar to a typical cast that forms a protective shell to protect a broken limb from further injury as it heals, this massaging cast device provides subtle light massages to the areas around the injured area to help keep the blood flowing and circulating throughout the body. It helps alleviate the restricted movement of the injured body part and prevents it from being lifeless within the shell of the cast.

From the picture shown above, the device is wrapped around and shaped to fit the contours of the body. It is flexible and easily bendable enabling the device to massage areas of a patient’s body that needs to be massaged. The device is easily adjustable to fit the needs of everyone. The device is made up of layers of octagonal shaped units that functions as a cushion on the inside (closest to skin) and a protection shell on the outside.  The interior is made up of octagonal shaped soft cushions that are attached together with flaps that serve as tiny massagers that massage the areas of the skin it comes into contact with. The flaps can either be attached with small rollers that roll and massages on the surface of your skin or be attached with stimulating points that press gently into the skin. With a push of a button, the massager can switch modes from a stronger massage to a gentler massage all dependent on the condition of the patient’s injuries. The outside is made of a harder material like plaster or bandage (what is typically used in casts) to protect the injured limb.

Patients will definitely benefit from this massaging cast device because it can help in their recovery process. However, this device is not only drilled towards patients, anybody can use it. It is ergonomically designed so that anybody can enjoy this massaging cast device to help relieve muscle tension and loosen sore joints anywhere on their bodies.


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