I love when it storms.  Watching water pour from the sky, lightening flash, and listening to the thunder rumble is mesmerizing and soothing.  There are two places that I love to be during a storm.  One is snuggling under the covers.  When the sky becomes dark and the wind starts blowing, I immediately want to hop into my pajamas, and dive into bed.  It is time to slow down, and listen to nothing else but the rain.

However, I miss out on all of the excitement if I sleep through the storm.  That’s why my other favorite place to be in a storm is in the car.  It is the closest I can get to nature while still having protection from being struck by lightening (which ironically seems to be one of my great fears). From almost every direction I can watch the water fly through the air, and bright bolts of lightening strike down from the clouds.  The air conditioning even brings in that unique smell of fresh rain.

To combine both atmospheres, I imagine designing a space that provides the same proximity and protection as the car, with the comfort of my bed.  I’ll call it the stormPod.

The stormPod is an extension of your home that extrudes from the exterior wall.  It is similar to a window seat, but its glass enclosure provides a view of the storm from 3 walls and the ceiling.  The floor is a mattress with a perimeter of a hard surface for setting a drink or a stack of books, much like platform bed.

The stormPod provides an experience that enhances many of our senses during a thunderstorm.  The feel of soft sheets is comforting during the rumbling thunder.  The experiences of seeing rain pour and run down the window, and lightening light up the sky would be enhanced with the unbeatable view provided by the stormPod.  The platform would even have vents that provide air to circulate and bring in the smell of fresh rain.

For necessary safety precautions, the stormPod would need to be a safe distance from trees, and be made of a glass thick enough to stand hail. It is not recommended to be in the stormPod during a tornado warning.

The stormPod provides a way to observe a thunderstorm with the most exposure, while inviting you relax and lounge as you experience one of nature’s greatest wonders.

“If you like Pina Coladas, and gettin’ caught in the rain.”


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