The Scent Palette


Blog 4, scent palette 001Although a subtle sense, touch also has a very important effect on our emotions. Whether a soft blanket or sand on a beach, we inherently associate certain tactile experiences with emotional responses or experiences with those surfaces. According to Sally Augustin, when soft, slow strokes are used during massages we find it more relaxing or fast, abrupt strokes create a sense of invigoration. Also, “feeling rounded surfaces has relaxing beneficial effects.”


Since “human[s]… process smells and emotions with the same part of their brains,” scents can be a powerful way of inducing certain feelings and emotions when creating a space or object.


The concept behind the Scent Palette is to engage both touch and smell. The scent palette is designed to also conform to the form of the body and be comforting. This device or furniture piece would have a simple rectilinear or square base (pending on the number of people) which houses the mechanical components it needs to function. The base would encompass a motor which pumps scented air (pressure adjustable) through small holes in the base, like an enlarged air hockey table, which filters through the loops. The loops would most likely be composed of a thick foam or another soft material with a secondary structure to add support, and allow you to relax and take in the experience created. These loops would have small gaps in between each unit in order to let the air gently pass through and flow softly on and around the body. The scent palette would also allow aromas to be interchanged in order to cater to the person’s emotions. This way no matter what emotion you are experiencing, or what emotion you are trying to create, you can tailor the experience to fit your needs. The scent palette also places you into a flat, lounging position which allows you to close your eyes and relax. This way you are shutting down a major sense, the sense of sight, in order to focus more on smell and feel which will yield more effective results.


So, take a load off and lay among the clouds for a few minutes, stick in your favorite scent and get up feeling renewed, relaxed, or whatever you choose.


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